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Distracted Clockmaker

 Sounds of tiny gears clicking together echoed softly in the small wooden room. Although night had long since fallen, the clock maker’s shop was full of the greenish gold light cast by multiple gas lamps hung in various nooks and

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CRASH! Adil saw shards of blue glass fly past his feet. He watched them change direction as they ricocheted off of table legs and walls. Removing his mouth from the long pipe he held with both hands, Adil turned his

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Drettish Fables: Ghemred the Great

Once long ago, the helpers and spirits of Neas played a horrible trick on the gods. The Neasaithin were deep in the Southern Forest entertaining Fain’s spirits in a most lascivious revel. The Fainaithin were drunk on honey wine and

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Drettish Fables: The Theft of the Sun

There once was a large celebration among the gods, marking the end of old year and the beginning of the new. All of the gods were in attendance at Neam’s great palace. The celebration had lasted for several days when

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The Short Merchant

 Jimmy squeezed his eyes shut and howled as the toes on his right foot suddenly exploded in red hot pain under the crushing weight of a small crate. Jerking his foot backwards, the crate clicked softly to the ground and

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Sage Training

Dalta stood over the unfinished statue, her lithe, dark frame in stark contrast to the block of white marble. In one hand she held a sharp-edged chisel, in the other, a wide wooden mallet. This afternoon was passing the same

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Fisherman’s Catch

 It wasn’t rape if she asked for it, right? The thought traced the same circle for the hundredth time in Keith’s mind. The tall fisherman stood carefully in his small aging boat, pushing the craft gently around the weathered black

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